Shelter dog taken for a day out to cheer him up and now he can’t stop smiling!

Elmo the Pit Bull was found in a yard with another dog after being left there and taken to KC Pet Project in Kansas City, MO. Like many dogs arriving at a shelter, Elmo was scared by his new surroundings and was frightened and scared.

Elmo’s companion was soon adopted, but no one came for him, and a shelter dog Elmo soon grew depressed.

That’s when the awesome staff at KC Pet Project thought it would be a good idea to take Elmo on an outing for the day. The excursions are part of their “furlough” program, which gets homeless dogs out of the shelter environment for the day so that they can decompress.

It sure looks like Elmo appreciated getting outside and away from the shelter for a while! Elmo went to the park, he visited a hair salon, and took in the local sights. Throughout his adventures, he grinned from ear to ear.

Then something wonderful happened. A couple read about his day out and drove 5 hours to come and meet him.

They immediately connected with the sweet pup and decided to adopt him! No wonder Elmo’s still smiling!

There are plenty of dogs just like a shelter dog Elmo at your local shelter. Find out more about KC Pet Project’s adoptable dogs on their website.

Or visit your local shelter to find an “Elmo” of your own.