These deeply bonded best buddies need a hero to adopt them both!

Jefe and Jericho may look different on the outside, but in their hearts they are two peas in a pod – brothers from another mother, if you will.

Jefe is a 2-year-old Chihuahua with long legs and a snuggly, outgoing personality. Jericho is a strikingly handsome 3-year-old German Shepherd with soulful brown eyes.

Fate brought them together, and the neglect they suffered bonded them for life.

Now that they have been rescued by the wonderful folks at the Arizona Humane Society; Jefe and Jericho are hoping another hero will come along and adopt them so they can live out the rest of their days together.

The dogs were discovered in a lonely dirt backyard by the Arizona Humane Society’s team of Emergency Animal Medical Technicians (EAMTs).

From the moment they met Jefe and Jericho, it was clear to rescuers that the dogs were deeply bonded and devoted to one another.

Jericho lay limp and emaciated in the dust as Jefe clung to his back; lying on top of him protectively.

The poor German Shepherd was so weak from illness and lack of nourishment that he could hardly stand.

As EAMTs gently lifted him into the ambulance; Jefe barked and danced frantically at their feet, trying to get to his beloved brother.

Rescuers decided then and there that Jefe and Jericho would never be separated again as long as they could help it.

Poor Jericho’s frail body was covered in ticks when he was found and he tested positive for the tick-borne illness, ehrlichia (e.canis). He was also diagnosed with Valley Fever, a fungal infection that causes flu-like symptoms.

Luckily little Jefe was found to be perfectly healthy and ehrlichia and Valley Fever are not contagious.

The pair were placed in a loving foster home where Jericho began to recover and flourish. Ashleigh Goebel, Media Coordinator for the Arizona Humane Society; described him as “docile, mellow, well-trained and super affectionate.”

She said that Jefe “is the ultimate cuddle bug” and loves to curl up in a human lap; when he isn’t snuggling with Jericho, of course!

Both Jefe and Jericho are great with kids and love to play outside and go for walks.